Make your first website

A super easy beginners guide how to make your very own Website and Blog

Lets make your First Website and Blog

Why do people make money online?

Many reasons. They may need to be at home to look after children, need to work certain hours, demand a payment they set themselves or advertise a small business.

business 3560916 640The amazing thing about making your own website is once you learn the basics, the online world is your oyster. If you can imagine it, you’ll find a way to create it. 

You do not need to learn computer languages to create amazing looking websites. 

With website builders such as Wix you can create a great looking website in minutes, with no need to learn computer coding or other techy stuff. What’s best is it’s known as a Drag & Drop website builder, so the items are all pre made. You simply fill in the text, add your own photos to personalise it and boom, you now have your very own website.

What are Drag & Drop Website Builders?

Not everyone wants to learn how to create websites from scratch. Many people simply want a website that gives them an online presence, so they can advertise themselves to the world. 

They are simply website platforms, where all the complicated computer coding is already done for you. There are lots of ‘pre-made’ webpages to choose from, you simply choose which you like, add your own words, pictures, email addresses etc into it and in no time at all its up and running.

It takes no computers skills whatsoever to build a website with these builders!

The main players in the Drag & Drop Website builder industry are Wix and Square Space

It’s a very simple, fast and easy to use website builder. It’s secure, has great SEO (search engines like Google can find you) and it’s also FREE! (you only need to pay for premium features)

Once you’ve signed in there are a multitude of videos on the Wix website to guide you.

Look at the image below and you’ll see how the Wix website platform appears. You simply add your own words, images, shop and customise them to make them your own. 

You can either start from scratch or choose from one of the hundreds of templates available. 

With Wix themes you don’t have to start from a blank canvas, there are hundreds of industry specific templates to choose from. For example you may be a plumber after your own website? These templates often work in conjunction with your hobby or business and fit your clients quite well. Of-course, you can always customise the theme website to your own tastes and needs. 

Want to start creating your own Wix website? Now’s the time to start that social club you’ve always wanted. Create a stunning professional looking website that looks amazing on computer, tablets and mobile phones advertising your business or side hustle. It’s going to make your mark on the online world and give you a presence, that can be seen across the world. Get started today!