Give Yourself an Instant Pay Rise

In the next few hours you can give YOURSELF a pay rise!

Instant Pay Rise


Yes you heard right, many homes throughout the UK could give their finances an instant overhaul i.e. pay rise. Why do we call this a pay rise? Simply because what would or could you do with an extra £100 per month? Perhaps £200+ per month? That’s equivalent to earning an extra £2400 per year, without having to go begging to your employer.

Instant Pay Rise & Makeover Guide

  • Does it really work?
  • The Forensic Investigation on your bank statement
  • Household & Personal Savings
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Does it really work?

Simply, yes  of course it works. You just have to be motivated enough to want to overhaul your finances. If you can’t be bothered, stop reading here and save yourself a lot of time. 

BUT, before you go, ask yourself one question… How many hours overtime have you done this year? Did you find yourself needing a few extra quid this month? If so don’t be lazy. Company’s love lazy people as you earn them big bucks. The people company’s and banks hate is those who are happy to shop around and get amazing deals for less. To them YOU are the enemy, because once you save money, you’re likely to help your friends and relatives out.

Forensic Investigation on your Bank Statement

It’s time to do that one thing people hate most of all – Looking at your bank statement and evaluating it thoroughly.

It sucks, especially when you are in trouble and having money worries, but we promise you, you’ll feel a lot more in control of your situation after you’ve taken this first step. 

To Do:

Print off the last 3-12 months of your bank statements. You can just look online, but having the ability to make side notes really helps.

Begin putting numbers or letters next to items on your statement.

  • 1 = Crucially important for your lifestyle – i.e. paying the mortgage or rent
  • 2 = Very important, such as food, insurance for car, petrol, utilities etc
  • 3 = Important but your won’t die if you didn’t have it, such as Gym memberships, subscriptions to magazines etc

Start switching now! Switching providers is the fastest way to save money. See it as spending but only smarter. You don’t always have to go ‘without’, however if you can do without something, you’ll boost the amount of money you keep.



If you haven't used something, ditch it. Gym memberships, magazine subscriptions, get rid of them all. You can always get them back at a later date. No one wants to live under a bridge knowing the local health club has their last £80, the difference between living on the street or in your home.

Household & Personal Savings

Below are some links to our latest savings pages. These pages have up-to-date information, have been tried and tested by Quidearner staff and are deemed good enough to get a spot on our website.