Learn Something New

You'll be surprised how fast you can earn a few quid by selling that old stuff gathering dust

Learn Something New

Learning has always been a great thing, and now is the best time to learn new skills. By finding a little time to learn new skills you can dramatically improve your knowledge and finances. Here’s our guide to learning something new for ideas how to get those creative juices flowing.

Why now is the best time ever to learn something new

Why now? With everything else going on in the world today, you may of found some downtime to begin self reflecting. If you clicked on this link then it’s fair to assume you are hungry for more in life. Regardless of your current situation, the simple fact remains that those who have the most skills in life, also have the upper hand when it comes to making more money than the next person.

By constantly learning you’ll be bettering yourself and nurturing your personal growth and development. By finding a little time, no matter how small, you’ll not only be able to learn a new skill, but this new found wisdom can quickly materialise into something profitable.

Everyone is born with a clean slate

Remember that day you were born? Of-course not. But our question to you is, when you arrived into the world what skills did you immediately have? We’re willing to bet not many.

Asides from skills that come naturally to humans,  factors such as environment, up-bringing and disability, we are pretty much all the same. No baby arrives on Earth with the prior knowledge and ability how to read or write, let alone code computers, conduct surgery or play an instrument. Even language is part of the environment and if your household all spoke Klingon instead of English, we can almost guarantee you too would use this as your prime language.


Why learn a new skill?

Stop and think. People who sit in-front of the television, computer consoles, or smartphones night after night where are they going in life? They moan about being poor, blame it on rich people being greedy, lucky etc. Imagine Jim from the TV show The Royal Family. It’s a funny show, but this sight is too familiar in households across the world. 

Keep your brain hungry. Read. If you want to watch videos instead, why not look at skills on YouTube. Don’t watch junk like cute kittens, but watch a video on something you little or nothing at all. If you don’t know how to paint a wall, draw a tree on a computer, create animations for YouTube videos (re-watch and notice the best videos have fancy openings, graphics and music, all of which can be created in a few clicks). Look for something, anything that’s even slightly educational and you’ll be taking your first steps into a better future.


No matter what your situation is, a few hours away from reality can really work wonders for your education and personal development. Covid-19 has made lots of people hide away from life, so instead of focusing on all the negativity on the news, watching movies etc, why not dedicate 1 hour per day to personal development. Make it fun, but stick it in your diary and this time is YOUR time. You can watch TV once these 60 minutes are over. You’ll feel refreshed and accomplished and be able to enjoy the reward of watching TV a lot more, safe in the knowledge you’ve taken a step towards a newer, better you (and hopefully a wealthier you). 

You know the truth, there’s something you want out of life. It may be a hobby, a career, or something even more personal like how poach the perfect egg. The best thing is once you learn your new skills you can tell the world about it and teach others by creating your own website and blog (which can be created in just a few clicks)

Remember: Learning can be tough at times. It’s not always enjoyable. However, the end result WILL make your life more enjoyable. The worst case scenario, you learn a new skill. The best is you love your new skill and then find a want to earn money from it.

Here is the secret you've never been told... you can learn ANYTHING you want

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It may have been a few years since you left school, college or university. You may have little formal education, or even none at all. However, providing you have the ability to read and write (skills that can also be improved), you do have the ability to progress in life and learn something new. 

Tip: Solid determination and a willingness to try and not give up when the going gets tough are the keys to success. Whether you wish to learn a new language, build a website or study formally to pursue a new career, we’re here to help you achieve it.

So what can you learn? Ignore the old saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ . That’s simply rubbish. An old dog may be too set in it’s ways, tired and lazy to learn something new, but if it really wants to learn, it can. Need proof? The Writer went to university with a postman, who at the age of 54 decided to undertake a 3 year degree in Health Care. 

What can you learn? The answer is simple and comes in the form of a return question which is ‘what do you want to learn?’

Before we begin brainstorming ideas we do have some questions and suggestions for you to personally think about:

Questions to ask yourself

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Be 100% honest with these questions, as it will save you many hours of wasted time, heartache and pain. The last thing anyone wants is to waste years of time and money on something your heart isn’t 100% behind. So ignore the whole world, parents, partners, children, friends etc. Just focus on YOU for the next few minutes. You may want to take a writing pad and paper to jot down some of these answers. it will help you reflect and ponder over your decisions in the long run.

Question: If you had all the money you’d ever dreams about, whether its £1,000,000 or £1 Billion, so money for bills and food are no longer a prime concern, what would you do with your time (after splashing out on a new car, house etc?) For example, cooking. Do you enjoy teaching others how to cook? Does it relax or stress you? Is the kitchen somewhere where you are most happiest? Do you make something that you are proud of? 

Question: What makes you happy? Apart from money, health and sex what else makes you happy? for example, are you happiest when riding a Boat or Jet Ski ? Are you happiest when walking the dog a the woods? Are you happiest when you see a young person learn something new? Are you happy sitting in the cinema? Happiness is entirely personal and you cannot anchor it off anyone else, especially not your partner or spouse. Take some time to think and reflect, because here’s the real secret. When you do something you thoroughly love, it no longer becomes ‘work’ anymore.