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A side hustle is a job you do besides your full-time job. It should be flexible, enjoyable, and bring you in extra money. It shouldn’t be what many would classify as a ‘second job’, what which are fixed in hours and salary.

Imagine what an extra £500 per month could do for you? 

Depending on your personal goals and talents, this can quickly become £500 per week and sometimes even daily.
Don’t worry if you believe you have no skills or hidden talents, we’re here to help with that. We want to help you realise that your skills can be used in different ways to explode your current earnings.

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Popular Side Hustles to Try in 2020

1. Start your own website and blog

Difficulty: Moderate

Realistic Earning Potential: £50-£2000+ per month

Top Earners: £100,000+ per month

Everyone knows what a website is, but what exactly is a blog? A blog is more like a diary.

If you think of a website as a book, made of paper, pretty front cover etc, then a blog is equivalent to a diary, that you update on a daily or weekly basis. These pages or inserts are called blogs. Through your blog you can share your own thoughts, updates and developments, tips and tricks around your chosen area of interest.

Your readership and site traffic (the number of people visiting your website) will increase over time and the blog provides you an opportunity to keep your audience captive and once this becomes large you can monetise it by advertising or selling products.

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Domain name
  • Web hosting
  • VPN
  • Topic knowledge and expertise

All requirements are covered in in the section  below, in ‘How to Begin’.

You won’t believe how fast and easy it is to start your own website and blog. Gone are the days when you had to learn several computer languages, and gain several years’ experience just to create a basic website. Now they can be created in less than an hour.

We recently challenged Rachel, a receptionist in the office to this task. She had no experience with building websites, but once she had watched a few videos and followed some basic guides, she’d created her very own website (on knitting). If you can read, you can make your own website and blog. The best thing about owning a website is they can make you money 24hrs a day, 365 days per year. Click here follow our step by step guide how to start your own website and blog.

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