Learn New Skills

Learning a new skill can greatly improve your finances

Why learn new skills?

Unlike learning at school, learning something new as an adult can be fun, stimulating and from a financial sense perhaps very rewarding. Regardless of what you learn, how small you start, the more you learn the brighter you will become. It’s often better to know a little about a wide variety of subjects, than be an expert in just one.  Learning may inspire you, your family or friends to do the same, and who knows, a learnt skills may grow into a hobby, passion or maybe a career.


Where to start?

If it’s been a while since school or perhaps you really need to start small and slow, with low cost or even for free, we have the following suggestions for you on how and where to begin.

Audiobooks are the fastest and best way to learn a new topic. What we love about Audible is your first books is free, you keep your audiobooks even if you cancel your subscription, there are lots of unlimited Amazon free podcasts to learn from and you get 1 audiobook per month allowance…

If that wasn’t enough, say if you choose an audiobook but you didn’t like the narrator or the content wasn’t appropriate for your needs, you simply return it and get your credit refunded for a new book. Listen on any smartphone, computer or even burn them onto CD (if anyone uses them anymore).

Do you prefer to read as opposed to listen to Audiobooks? If you fancy reading from over 1 million titles, on devices such as smartphones, tablets, kindle readers or even your home computer, then check out Kindle Unlimited by Amazon. If you’ve never used it, there are several months free to try, so get downloading as many books as you can imagine. A great source for entertaining as well as learning new skills.

Learning a new language is not only fun, but permits you to communicate with people from all over the world, which asides from increasing your holiday destination choices, can be very profitable, as many companies love hiring bilingual staff.

With Rosetta Stone you’ll have the flexibility to learn a new language on your schedule, with any device, from anywhere in the world. You’ll get full access to all of our latest features and can start learning immediately – no lengthy downloads or installations required.

If you’ve been out of the learning circle for a while, the fastest and best way to get-up-to-date is by reading magazines on topics you are interested in. A father of one of the Quidearners staff recently decided to learn about computers and asked ‘where is the floppy disk holder’?

Excluding the so called ‘lads-mags’ there are lots great magazines covering a wide variety of topics, such as history, computers, web design, science, craft and antiques. These magazines aren’t going to provide you with a PhD in science, however, they will hopefully get you reading again and get the learning juices flowing. 

When was the last time you picked up a book? If it was recent, great however reading the latest best sellers on stories and fiction probably won’t help make you richer… the seller and author on the other hand…

The Book Depository is a great place to find well priced books. When you do find a topic or subject you are getting into take a look at their store. We especially like the ‘Employability and career guides’ sections as it’s incredibly helpful for those starting out on their quest for knowledge.

John Academy is an excellent online learning platform. It has over 200 courses and the scope of whats on offer is huge. Everything from Sign Language, to Office Admin Courses, to full on proper Diploma’s in areas such as Teaching, Pharmacy, Mental Health and Recruitment. These skills and certifications are completed in your own time and cost from as little as £14. A brilliant way to improve your prospects.

Learning24/7 is another great online training platform, offering courses in all areas similar to the John Academy, however these courses may be more directed towards specialist areas, such as Adobe CC Design and Diploma’s in Creative Writing. If you ever wanted to learn how to become a computer Wizz kid or learn topics such as Computer Hacking, this might be the place for you.

Get help with spelling, punctuation and grammar

Scared your English may be a little rusty? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Apart from those who know they suffer with Dyslexia, the amount of grammatical errors that occur simply because of the mechanism of typing, auto-correct software on smart phones etc can often portray you in the wrong light. Grammarly has been at the forefront of this problem for a long time. They even offer free versions for your computer and smart phone.

Fiverr Learn

Fiverr Learn is one of the best learning platform online. To stop any confusion there are 2 types of ‘Fiverr’ names you might see. One is where people offer work to people as freelancers at the starting price of ‘a fiver’, the other  (the one we’re talking about) is called Fiverr Learn.

Fiverr Learn is the place to go, if you want to study topics such as marketing, graphic design, web design, writing skills, business skills, videography, photography and programming. If you wanted to learn specialist areas such as Adobe Photoshop or making your own website (see our own free guide how to do this here), then Fiverr Learn might be the platform for you. Courses are displayed in dollars, and start from approx. $19. 

NOTE: Always check at the top of Fiverr Learn’s webpage, Frequently they have Flash Sales where courses prices are slashed, sometimes by as much as 90%.

Getting the right tools for your studies

Finally, make sure you have the right tools for the job. If you don’t have broadband or your wifi at home is poor, don’t suffer. Visit here to see our latest deals on broadband.

In need of a new computer for your journey? We can Recommend the following suppliers, which offer a great mix of Home computers – all the way to top of the line custom build powerhouse work stations.

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