Review and Keep

You'll be surprised how fast you can earn a few quid by selling that old stuff gathering dust

Freebies, Freebies and more Freebies

A side hustle is a job you do besides your full-time job. It should be flexible, enjoyable, and bring you in extra money. It shouldn’t be what many would classify as a ‘second job’, what which are fixed in hours and salary.

Test, Review & Keep

A Freebie by definition is ‘something given freely and without charge’. This seems quite straightforward, but the saying ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’ begins to make people question ‘why’? Why care company’s offering freebies?

In its basic form, imagine a Supermarket offering free samples. Supermarkets offer free samples  in the hope that you try, and ideally buy, either now or  in the future. This tactic works well with new products that may seem unusual to begin with, for example attempting to win people over into eating flavoured popcorn instead of sweet or salty.


How Testing and Keeping a product works

We know what you’re thinking, who gives away free stuff? Really? Well that’s what we thought until we tried a few out for ourselves. Just to make sure we weren’t being given preferential treatment we tasked about 10 of our friends trying to get freebies to review and keep, and to out amazement 6 out of 10 got offers.

Why would manufacturers give you free stuff to keep?

YouTube Influencers

Free platforms like YouTube do a much better job at promoting, testing and advertising products to a directly marketed audience than a £10,000 twenty second television commercial would. 

People who review products ‘YouTube Influencers’, are often interested in focused markets, i.e. they are known for reviewing computers , make-up, weightloss and so on.

Influencers are the first to receive new free products directly to their door, before the shops receive them. In turn they are expected to either write a review, make a video, take photos of the product to promote for the company.

They are sometimes asked to keep things secret for companies, perform a long term test and report back to the company. Have you ever wondered someone on YouTube has reviewed a new product, not currently on sale? How did they get their hands on them? Quite simply, they were sent the items by the manufacturer, possibly for free to review and keep.

Can I say what I want about the products?

Whether your review is positive, fair or negative, advertisers are often happy. It gives companies the opportunity to quickly address issues and change tact before mass production (the writer is currently helping a multi-million pound company make essential changes to a product as we speak, as their designers weren’t aware of some outdated issues with their design). 

To manufacturers and huge companies, it’s seen as better to make a few hundred prototypes, send them out to people who are fans to test and report directly back to them if there are any issues. The last thing any business wants is to sell a defective or dangerous product, then receive all of them back because they don’t work as expected. Apart from wasting hundreds of millions of pounds because products weren’t tested extensively, it may mean their reputation is ruined. It’s far safer to give away freebies to dedicated fans of a particular industry to test, and review it for them directly to the audiences who are interested in that product. 

Manufacturers may even give reviewers newer and more expensive products overtime because their opinions to them is priceless.

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How can I get some freebies to review and keep?

We have some links below from UK promoters and advertisers, that we use ourselves. If you don’t see a product that you initially like have a look anyway, as there are hundreds of different products to review and promote.

Top Tips:

      • Look for products to review and keep in your own country – unless the company is a huge one and sells globally – we have several expensive tech and fashion products to test and keep. 
      • Test and review products you are genuinely passionate about – if you simply want to review some make-up for your gran, your enthusiasm will show.
      • Be honest with yourself, if you genuine love computer games and consoles, stick with what you know or love.
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Test, Review & Keep


Don’t see what you fancy? Have a look, there are hundreds of different items to review and keep.

NOTE: These samples to review and keep are for the United kingdom ONLY. We only promote specifically chosen products that can only be reviewed, tested and kept by the residents of the United Kingdom.

Whats Hot?

Really? Well we added this link after a friend of ours won a iPhone XS Max last year. Until then, we like you, believed all these types of surveys were scams. But hey, when the editors own relation wins a new phone, who are we to argue? We feel it’s worth a punt so have a go and cross your fingers. Aside from computer consoles, there’s more to win. 

Note: We recently entered into a survey and won a carry on  bag, for flights. We emailed the company and asked how we won, and we were told ‘only 14 people entered the competition’.

Difficulty: Super Easy

Realistic Earning Potential: £50-£1500 per month

Top Earners: £2000+

This idea that you can earn real cash, points (that can be converted into cash/items) or gift cards is an old concept which most people brushed aside as not really worth the time. However, times gave changed. Sites like Swagbucks have changed the rules. Long gone are the times where you earned 5p per survey, now people are making £5, £10, £100 per survey. We each asked our mums to try out several survey sites and Swagbucks came out on top.  One discovered she earned £10 every 15 minutes. Plus you get £3 for signing up.

Although there are lots of amazing surveys websites that pay out in cash, gifts and vouchers, it can depend on where you live. So, we’ve selected the ones that work for UK residents, as opposed to ones that prefer customers from other countries. 

People have wised up to the fact that they can easily make £5-10 per survey, and by signing to 10+ survey sites, and religiously using them on a daily basis, they have began to earn more than their hourly salary.

There are plenty of online surveys to choose from. The main thing you require is persistence to make money and earn big rewards. In a small amount of time you’ll be amazed how quickly a few pounds, become a few hundred pounds, and for the dedicated few who sign up for as many as possible AND use them daily, thousands of pounds per month in cold hard cash paid directly to your bank or PayPal account.

As with any business, you should have access to the following:

  • Computer
  • Broadband Internet Connectivity
  • Mobile Phone – Some can be accessed via apps. Perfect for earning an extra £20 during your lunch hour at work!
  • A Great Online Bank account like Starling (this will help you see whats being generated daily, and makes it a lot easier to watch compared to a regular bank account. Plus it’s totally free. 

As this topic is such an excellent idea, that anyone can do and make money we have generated a special page dedicated entirely to Paid UK Surveys, where we discuss which sites currently are the top money earners for users, who offers the best offers etc. See here for more information on the best Paid UK Surveys.