Mystery Shopping

You'll be surprised how fast you can earn a few quid by selling that old stuff gathering dust

The purpose of Mystery Shopping is to define areas with a potential to improve by giving feedback on how the company is perceived from a customer’s perspective. Companies that use mystery shopping in the right way can increase their sales, satisfied customers, satisfied employees and profit

Working as a mystery shopper or mystery diner is a super flexible part-time opportunity for students. You get paid for your time, choose the hours you work and keep freebies in the process!

Mystery Shoppers provide services to some of the UK’s most prestigious retailers, pub and restaurant chains, financial services suppliers and public organisations. Mystery shoppers undertake a ‘mystery shop’ and fill in evaluations throughout the UK every day.

In its basic form, it’s like a Supermarket offering free samples. Supermarkets offer free samples  in the hope that you try, and ideally buy, either now or  in the future. This tactic works well with new products that may seem unusual to begin with.