Debt Advice

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Debt Advice

Being in debt is often seen as good or bad. A Mortgage is a type of debt that permits us to own property. You borrow the money instead of saving for 30+ years. Used correctly debt is fine until things begin to build, gets out of control or you begin spending in areas that aren’t seen by professional as good debt, i.e. using credit cards for nights out.

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The worst thing to do about debt is ignore it

Don't become an Ostrich... it'll only make things worse

Many of us have been there, being in debt makes people feel ashamed, upset, angry and sad. Some people feel suicidal and sadly debt has brought many people to that end. 

Regardless of how it happened times have changed. In the 21st century there is a lot of help out there, run by organisations and charities who help people like you everyday, whether they owe £500 or £5,000,000. They all offer support and advice, both financial and legal, and how you and your creditors can come to an agreement over the debt owed.

Online Debt Advice Websites


Debt Advice Foundation

A specialist debt charity offering free, confidential advice on any aspect of debt


Citizens Advice

Offering advice across the UK. People rely on them because of their independent and impartiality


Debt Advice

They offer free debt advice that is based on a comprehensive assessment of your situation. We'll they provide practical help and support for as long you need it


National Debtline

Help with debt, letters and other advice for those in need