About Us

Who we are, why we originated and what we do

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We want to help the people of the UK earn more, save more and keep more of their hard earned money.

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We dream of a society that's financially literate, knows how to earn more but also save more, by direct and indirect methods.

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We only recommend services and providers we know and trust, keep information up-to-date and support UK businesses.

Who we are

We are a consortium of individuals who love saving money. Some of us love switching service providers, others are into stocks and shares, some are passionate about odd jobs and most of us love freebies. We simply want to pass on our great recommendations to the UK public, by helping them not only save money, or even earn more, but by learning about a broad range of excellent opportunities available to the UK post Brexit.

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How we make money

Everyone needs to get paid, and we are no exception. We receive income for this website to operate by recommending affiliates, who in turn pay Quidearner a percentage. We by no means only advertise affiliated products, in-fact many of the services we recommend don't have any such schemes. We also welcome any donations to keep the site going as everyone who contributes to Quidearner does so for free.

What does the future hold for Quidearner?

Stay tuned folks! We are in discussions with several like minded providers, offering free and value for money services and products to the UK in the near future. If you would like to contact Quidearner, believe you have something to offer the UK, then please click here.